Be initiated and healed by Adiguru Prakriti to transcend with the grace of Shakti. Fall in love, attain Bhava Samadhi, dissolve Vasanas and realize the Shakti of Bhakti. 




Adiguru Prakriti moved from the USA to Melbourne, Australia in 2016. She studied Masters in Computer Science, did her MBA, and successfully led the corporate world in IT companies for 20 years around the world. Passion for life made her question the reality of death and she embarked on her spiritual journey. Four years of seriously peeling the layers of false-self ended with Enlightenment and then eight months later her spiritual journey concluded with Self-Realization.

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Read about different retreats, tips and tricks for going to spiritual retreats and we will keep sharing the new pictures of our retreats, satsang, darshan and some latest news here as our schedule progresses. 



This retreat starts with Initiations. Not just one kind of Initiation, but the Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Shaktipath all different types of Initiation that are required for you to either start or speed up your spiritual journey. Who you are not, exists below Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) and Who you are, is beyond Sahasrara. Padmé Tantra starts with “who you are not” and goes beyond Sahasrara to help you blossom as to who you are!



This is a Healing Retreat. Many of you are going on in life, on your spiritual path carrying loose ends of Karma, incomplete, unfinished business with yourself, though most of the time it feels as if all that is due to others, due to relationships & people you have in life or those who left you, betrayed you. Let's just Heal all that. 



All of you who feel a deep emptiness within that feels like sadness, unexplained pain. Nothing takes it away, it just is there, the broken, shattered heart. All such painful people need to attend this retreat. All of you who write poems, paint, or an artist, creative person, sensitive one, really need to attend this retreat, to be able to see within yourself much clearly, to be able to understand that pain, that seeking for "perfect love" with an "imperfect lover". You can use that pain, that longing, that sadness, brokenness into Transcending all limitations and be Self-Realized.



Many of you have tried to follow Vedanta, Advaita, you seriously wanted to understand Self-Enquiry and be able to do it, but never got a hang of it. Many of you end up doing Ego-Enquiry instead of Self-Enquiry and made it a pursuit of intellectual gymnastics. You know practising the wrong thing for a longer time will make you a perfect mistake and you will not progress on your spiritual journey. So many of you have wrong ideas about Jnana, states that it puts you into and Yog/Union that it brings. Learn the correct meaning, theories and techniques of Jnana, so Wisdom flows freely through your Trikuti (Guru Chakra within yourself). Purify your Buddhi & Viveka and learn to handle the double-edged sword of Jnana.

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