Adiguru Prakriti

The world around you doesn't stop you from transcending, only you stop yourself. Shakti helps you help yourself.
Self-Realization is beyond Bhakti & beyond Jnana, beyond Shakti & beyond Sahasrara! 
Let's go beyond!

Adiguru Prakriti lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a Yogi & Mystic and a Guru. She lived in the USA for more than a decade and was in Jacksonville, Florida, USA during her Spiritual Journey. She awakened her Kundalini and became a Mystic. She was Enlightened on 5th March 2015 and her Self-Realization process was over on 18th April 2016 and since then she lives the Divine Will and helps people transform and walk their Spiritual Journey. Many people have benefited from her spiritual expertise and love and many are in the process of Realizing the Self. Her candid talks shatter the belief systems created in people and break the web of illusion/ignorance/Maya. She also helps people & kids around to maintain their touch with Divine and do not lose their extraordinary capabilities as a Super Being. The "Mother" in her is now alive for all around her. In her free time, she loves to hike the Mountains around the city of Melbourne which is surrounded by beautiful Gorges, Gardens, and Forests.


Below is her Spiritual Journey in her own words. 


Since the age of 5, I had a deep knowing within that I am born for a purpose, for a reason, since then I was searching for "unknown" and I had no words to explain it to anyone. I was highly intuitive and used to have strange otherworldly dreams. From the age of 6 to 9 Lotus Flowers were something mystical to me, and I used to play with and catch Snakes (Vipers & King Cobras) and at age 14, Mother Kali (Ultimate Illusion Destroyer Goddess) herself initiated me into renunciation (my story). She showed me the impermanence in the cruellest way it can be experienced. That made me question Life, Death, God and Reality that we are living in. That disaster made me realize the mortal nature of the body and my seeking began. I was living in the world but did not belong to it. 


Then life happened to me as usual, got family, and career started with ambitions, dreams, achievements and for more than 13 years in "Information Technology" I was busy riding the hamster wheel of successes, failures, happiness, unhappiness, love, loneliness and the whole saga of life being a woman, being a mother and being whatnot went full-on without any breaks. 


In 2011, finally, the urge for unknown became so strong that day & night I was just restless, renunciation teared-off all boundaries I had in my life around me. I know this time, I cannot silence this "urge for unknown" within me with something external in the world. I had a deep knowing that I have to drastically change my life and do something about that urge. Then one day I had a deep knowing that I need to raise my Kundalini (serpent power) and do Meditation. At that time it felt I knew nothing about all that, I did not have any Guru, but as I sat down, things started to come up by themselves and only after Enlightenment I learned I was the Disciple (Kriya Yogi) of Guru Lahiri Mahasaya (Great Grand Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda) in my past life. 


After practising Kundalini Meditation for 2.5 months, in 2011 December, there came a day when I was jolted out of my world. A small glimpse (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) into the other side of veil forced me to pursue my "inner journey" even more fiercely. That was one of the most wonderful days of my life, as I saw that there is another reality which is Absolute in nature, Painless & Permanent in nature. As the Kundalini Shakti/Energy was throbbing in me, the Guru Chakra (Trikuti) flowered within and I started following my inner Guru. The journey was full of ups and downs and being a person of a scientific bent of mind, having no living Guru or Master to hold my hand, being sceptic about all fairy tales related to God, Divine, Religion made me experiment everything on myself and learn from my own direct experience. It made me question the "truth" about life, creation, the universe and my own existence. 


After 3.5 years of arduous direct confrontation with myself, finally, on 5th March 2015, Enlightenment happened. The dream was broken forever, Illusions were all gone, no questions left to be answered, the perception changed altogether and touched the domain of mysticism. Being an IT professional, programmer and solution architect by heart I was mostly confined to my small logical and rational mind with spurts of creativity in between, but all that now was transcended and merged with the Cosmic Mind. Truth (Brahm/Shoonya/Shiva/That/Christ Consciousness) exploded in me and I became just a "Being". Wherever I looked I saw myself, in the trees, in the rock, in everyone I saw myself. Perception expanded beyond six senses and I found myself one with the whole universe, one with every being dead or alive, found myself in Buddha, in Jesus, in every Awakened Master/Guru that was ever there, saw my own birth. Realization of "Being One with ALL" resulted in Bliss and Universal Love. Technically speaking, I landed in the 6th Dimension where the illusion of separation is gone forever, and Oneness is perceived or in other words, Pure Consciousness (Atma/Soul/Holy Spirit) is realized. For 73-75 days I stayed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi and I have no memory of that time-space continuum, as I was living beyond that. When it ended, I realized I have some past life karmic seeds which I have to parch, so I travelled for that and got it over with. 


Eight months after the Enlightenment, one day I fell into Nothingness (Unmanifest/Shoonya/Shiva) and went through the complete Merger to the extent of becoming Non-Existent and had No-Self experience. It's about facing your own death, the real one, not when you just leave the body, but when the Real You becomes truly non-existent. On 18th April 2016, technically from 6th Dimension, I was now gone to 8th Dimension, I had Self-Realization. Cosmic/Supreme Consciousness only remains and no "Prakriti" was there anymore. All that Prakriti could ever call "I, Me" was destroyed forever. Technically it is the last stage anyone can evolve into Human Body. 


Now, this Supreme Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Shoonya/Nothingness/Emptiness/Shiva-Shakti is here playing through the body of Prakriti helping others achieve the same while sharing the "joy of life". 


Few of my friends when heard me, learned through me, basked in the universal love, bliss and energy that was emanating from this body that I have then out of their love gave me the name as "Adiguru" (Primordial Guru/Master). 


Those who still are identified with their own physical body may see me just as another body going around and living normally, but those who have gone little inside, within themselves they can truly experience the wonder through me, they might be able to touch that Supreme Consciousness and may Awaken themselves. I am just an "emptiness" a "mirror", you will see yourself in me as you are and know that if a monkey looks into the mirror he won't see an apostle (Yeah, cosmos has a sense of humour too). Reflecting you to make you Conscious and Awake is the whole point of being in this body despite completing the process of evolution. 


This was my journey from "IT(Information Technology) to IT (Inner Transformation) and from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to AI (Ascended Intelligence).


The detailed account of my awakening can be found here >> Experiencing Knowing Being Absolute 

Enlightenment - Self Realization - Liberation 


May you be Awake! May you become Peace, Love & Bliss. 


Adiguru Prakriti


May the Divine Shakti Awaken you!   May you be Shiva!


Jay Shivay!