Pema Devi Mikuni

35 Years of incredible experience as a successful healing therapist and a spiritual teacher in Japan. Her teachings are based on `A course in miracles` which teaches us to heal our unconscious guilt & unworthiness through forgiveness.


Everything you ever wanted to escape from, your negative feelings about yourself is denied and buried in your unconscious (called Vasanas in Indian philosophy).  This denied guilt is then projected onto the world.


How is it possible to be free from negative emotions that create suffering?  Because your perception is projection, you must realize you are making up what you see.  Forgiveness is not about forgiving the other person because you are a better person. Forgiveness is about unburdening yourself, seeing the truth and becoming free from illusion.  As it is, you are seeing what you want to see not what is really out there. This is what Indian Vedanta & Advaita philosophy mean when they say `this world is a Maya, an illusion`.


She does her group work by using different emotional processing modalities including inner child work, past life regression to make you see where you are stuck and blocked.  She is excellent in processing emotion in a group work situation through tears and laughter! 


She has simultaneously been a student of meditation and enlightenment/SR teachings of Yoga & Buddhism and creates a bridge between the Western and Eastern philosophy of spiritual growth and awakening.