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On your first Spiritual Retreat

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Spiritual Retreats are not an instant fix for you or your life. How to set expectations straight?

Facing the Sun
Facing the Sun

This might be your first spiritual retreat and you may expect wonders to happen. Which may not be the case always. It's all about how much ready you are to receive. Before you go for spiritual retreats you all have some idea about yourself and when you go back home, you have more understanding about yourself and your life.

Don't try to fix yourself, your life in just a few days during the retreat. You may not get all the answers, though for some questions may evaporate.

Spiritual Retreats are the beginning of a long journey.

So having patience with yourself is very important. There is no such thing as an instant cure or instant gratification. You must be ready to work upon yourself and give up your identities, your boundaries, which is easier said than done. More often than you can imagine, your ego does tantrums and more often you lose the balance of mind/emotions than you would expect. It gets overwhelming at times, but there is a help, support all around. Guru's teachings at times may feel like a bouncer, especially if you do not have the much needed spiritual vocabulary, but then there are many others around you who can re-explain you everything, clarify it more. Just like you would acquaint yourself with peers in a new college or university or job on your first day, you should do the same on spiritual retreat specially the first couple of days.

Advancing through same Guru

This is very important. Until you learn everything that you need to learn for your spiritual progress, you should stick to One Guru only and must transform yourself by seriously working upon yourself through the given sadhanas (spiritual practices), instead of wasting time & life in Guru shopping and retreat hopping.

No Guru, No Teaching, No Spiritual Sadhana can transform you without you being sincere about yourself.

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